Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Birthdays

Our second oldest turns 15 today. This is Tdub's firstborn. I know he's a bit emotional about it...and not just because it means he's pretty much officially "old". :) It is a bit "weird" when you're a blended family and these birthdays come up. Not in a bad way, but, just somewhat odd. Everytime one of these boys has a birthday, two histories once again collide for just a moment. There's the family we are NOW, and the family we each used to be at the time of that particular birth.

Even I, the less sentimental of the two of us, think about the day of birth of each of my own birth children on their birthday. There are recollections of the beginning of labor, the trip to the hospital, the PAIN, the weird and stupid things that came out of my mouth during the event, and then of course, that first moment I laid eyes on my heavenly gift.

I don't write much here about the whole blended family thing. We make it work pretty well for the most part. But it's still affects us in significant ways. For me, I'm just so very blessed to have two "stepsons" (i hesitate to even call them that) who are as dear to me as "real" sons. I can't imagine how they could be more "real" to me. I even have a surrogate sort of love for their biological mother based on the fact that she gave birth to these two people that I know and love so dearly.

Birthdays are a time of reflection, just like any event or milestone. This is mine, today.


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grace said...

commenting to my own post...that's a first...but, it's not that i'm not sentimental at all...i do cry during phone commercials....i'm just not sentimental about "events" the way tdub is....just felt i should qualify all that.


Angie said...

Well... it's good to know you're not dead on the inside! Ha! Girl, even from reading words on a computer screen, I can see your sentiment, your heart, your love... So, I don't think anyone would picture you as a robot or anything!

I have a friend who is married with 2 stepsons. She is unable to have children, so the boys are special to her in several ways. Talk about a blended family... They spend holidays and even go on vacations with the ex. I've never met a family that goes quite to that extent. They're not swingers or anything... they do it in a healthy way and for the sake of the boys. But they get some awkward looks at church!