Monday, April 17, 2006

500 degrees

It's not really quite that hot where I live today.....but it feels like it. Particularly since this is supposed to be SPRING. ugh.

I'm mainly writing this post for Tdub who has this "no air-conditioning-until-May" rule which is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Don't you all agree???

It got up to freakin' 99 degrees today! Tdub will be utterly appalled that I'm sharing's the truth. We use window units. (or, as we affectionately call them, winder younits) I've mentioned the fact that we live in an unrenovated house that's over 100 years old before. Before central heat and air. And, since Tdub INSISTS on taking the things out and packing them up nicely in storage every winter, we have to wait for him to get them back out when it turns hot again. So. This, I guess, is my first official post of protest against my husband! I've made it a loooooong time don't you think??? And, it should be noted that the root of the problem is my own personal comfort. That, and the fact that the children are going to have to forage for pop tarts or whatever else they can find since I'm not cooking in this heat! ugh. ugh. ugh. Which again, ties back to my own personal comfort.

Ok....I expect the sympathy to come pouring in now. And the "winder younits" to be installed ASAP!

Being married to a guy who struggles with same sex attraction....that I can take.....this way! :)


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kurt_t said...

My advice? Tell him he's left you with no choice but to call QVC and order a commercial grade Slurpee machine.

Just so he knows you mean business, leave a tape measure and a power drill out on the kitchen counter.

Christine said...

I'd definitely go with the no-cooking thing until this is resolved.... ;)

Just say that there's no food prep (by anyone - you or him) in a house that is over 75 inside. That oughta do it.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I disagree with christine, if it's 99 degrees, just set that meat out and voila, you have jerky for dinner.
(I have my own garage/storage issues to deal with so I am deciding to side with Tdub)


grace said...

Kurt: LOL. love that idea.

Christine: This is actually the plan that will work. ;)

Interior: You guys are going down...cause we all know, "if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy" :) Besides, the boys and I have formed an alliance.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Hmmm.......There must be a McDonald's/Starbuck's/Pizza Hut somewhere nearby.

tdubtx said...

ok #1.
Dear Readers: WE DO NOT CALL THEM WINDER-YOUNITS. Maybe Grace did back in Oklahoma...I do not use that phrase. Really, folks. We’re not as W/T as we seem. LOL (although I cringe when I look at our porch.)

I only hold out until May for budgeting purposes because as soon as those things go in, our electricity bill SPIKES. (In my defense, I want to point out that last year i gave in, I mean submitted, and put the one in our bedroom in April...)

Remember, dear, some furniture needs to be re-arranged to accommodate installation in the appropriate winders, er, windows. Let me know when you'll have time for that. [wink]

This morning, in fact, before I read your blog (about which I was notified via email by one of my friends who reads your blog telling me, “And for goodness sake's turn on the a/c!”) I texted son #1 to free up time to help me install them which includes carrying them out of storage, cleaning them, carrying them IN the house and up the stairs, bracing them up, etc. (I also mentioned to him that this was one of two of my most HATED days of the year!!! the other being the day we take them out!)

Remember we need to buy a new one this year for the kitchen. [sighs] Guess we'll pick that up when we buy the new lawnmower to replace the new one we bought last year that is now broken.

Thank you Interior for your solidarity. I realize it is a losing battle bcz mama does need/deserve to be happy while she blogs, else I will never be able to watch my movies in peace. ?

tdubtx said...

OH, and as far as your "alliance" with the boys, you might tell them that I'll let them have the one for their rooms if they will quit leaving their crap, trash, etc. strung out all over the house.


Yeah, I know. It'll never happen. I'm sure some day, I'll miss all their crap, trash, etc. strewn all over the house, huh?

grace said...

goodness....looks like someone needs to get their OWN blog...hehe!
you know i love ya!

tdubtx said...

It's too much work and I don't have time. I'll just vent here from time-to-time.