Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog on a Stick

Drew and I had the most delightful day we've had in I-can't-remember-when on Sunday. We met a friend in OKC and went to the Oklahoma State Fair.

The day was vibrant and alive. In Starbucks terms, yesterday was a triple shot macchiato with extra cream and two pumps of flavored syrup. Intensely beautiful.

One of the greatest guilty pleasures at any fair is the food. In fact, in our brief pre-fair email exchanges, my friend and I both commented that eating "bad for you" food was a primary motivation for attending.

We hadn't been there long when we started scoping out the midway and taking mental notes in an effort to fall off our respective "healthy eating habits wagon" in the most satisfactory way to our palette that would be the least offensive to our digestive system. If anyone still has doubts that I'm actually in my 40's, this sort of information truly gives me away. Long gone are the days when there was no such thing as a digestive hangover.

Not long into our food excursion, we began to notice a theme.

I guess it all started long ago, before someone came up with the word corndog.

These were surely only a short leap for the folks who create tempting new foods for fairs.

I'm pretty sure that this on is just a fancy way of saying ALLIGATOR ON A STICK.

The one that really grabbed our attention was this one.
And finally, the one I just do not understand and was not able to document with a picture....

A quick Google search revealed that the Oklahoma State Fair is pretty lame when it comes to items on a stick. Apparently, this is a BIG deal up in Minnesota where you can eat 63 different items from a stick. They are all documented in this silly YouTube video. And yes Chad, apparently there IS such a thing as spaghetti-on-a-stick.

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Jay said...

There's also fried Coke, something I didn't believe in until I saw it on the Discovery Travel Channel. Looks like you had a great time! I need to go to the NC State Fair again. It's been ages since I went last.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Woohoo, nice mention of the Minnesota State Fair. Had to sandwich it in between inservice and the start of school (no pun intended but it does work doesn't it?) And no I did not try all 63 varieties of stuff on a stick.

grace said...

JAAAAYYYYY!!! My little blog baby!!
I must google the fried intriguing. Don't be such a stranger.....forgetting about those of us further down the blog feeding chain. *sniff sniff* hee hee! and how cool that our mutual friend INTERIOR commented just after you! ;)

Interior: I'd completely forgotten you live in Minnesota...but..I admit that I get all the northern states that start with "M" confused... :)
Which ones DID you eat????

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Funny you should ask. This year I ate nothing on a stick. I did happen to have deep fried cheese curds and a fresh blackberry malt (can you tell we live in a dairy producing state?) and an elk burger oh yeah and roasted corn on the cob (among other things and no, not all at one sitting)

kurt_t said...

For my money, you can't beat chocolate covered frozen banana on a stick rolled in chopped peanuts.

grace said...

Kurt: I can't believe I didn't see any of those there! I actually think bananas are one of the most perfect foods ever. They come in their own, biodegradable package, are healthy, and bananas are just sweet enough to provide that little "lift" I sometimes crave in the afternoon.

Mark and Patrick said...

Oh my goodness!!! I haven't been to a fair in like forever!
I didn't even know they started putting all these foods on a stick and offered such things.
Of course........I am getting older!

Sound like a terrific time Pam!
Your photos are great.

p.s. check out my web site when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

Kat said...

This is fun! I'm a bit down this morning, so I needed some fun! I, too, must Google fried coke!

Kat said...

oh my lord! It's on Wikipedia! (now laughing!)