Thursday, July 28, 2005

All better now. (pretty much)

I've come over the hump so to speak from that last little downer I was on. Basically, I think I'd just had too much time on my hands for the past week. Which is unusual. Things are quickly back to the level of activity we maintain constantly around here.

I've been busy this week working with a small group of teens on these little dramas we will take down and present at a camp for abused/neglected kids next week. I'm helping decorate a wedding for most of the weekend. time to wallow in self-pity....which is good, very good. I'm not actually a "wallowing" sort of person but you probably wouldn't know it from reading this blog. I think everything I've written so far has some sort of "negative" conotation to it. Maybe I just started it in during a down cycle and that will improve.

The end of summer is typically a down time for me. Not because school is about to start. I'm usually pretty excited and ready for school to start. But several things begin to happen at this time.
1) the boys are done with all their camps, activities, etc. and have way too much free time on their hands here at home which destroys the state of things in the house
2) I tend to focus on the things I didn't get accomplished during the off time as opposed to all the things I DID
3) I start to get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in order to get things ready for school to start again.
4) It's just so dang HOT you can't enjoy anything outside anymore.

Well, what do you know, more wallowing! ha! oh well. But I do feel I wallowed in a more positive spirit this time. So that's improvement.

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