Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm sorry people. I don't think anyone actually ever reads my blog any longer, why would you??? I never write.

BUT. Here's the deal.

I've deactivated my Facebook account and I am WRITING my/our story. I'm actually in the process of WRITING a book about the experiences of our family - about my marriage to Todd and the entire backstory involved in the marriage.

So. If anyone is STILL reading. I'm here. I intend to blog more often as I work my way through the process of writing this book.

I hope there is at least a remnant of you here that will support what's going on. I may post excerpts occasionally to get some feedback. I NEED to resurrect this blog.



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Iain said...

Count me in as a remnant. My Google page shows me new posts.

Will miss your wacky inputs on facebook, but will read your blog with renewed interest.

tdub68 said...

it's about time!!!
your blog baby, er, uh, blog husband has missed you!!! :)

Norm! said...

Welcome back! I still have your blog on my RSS feed.

Facebook has greatly diminished my blogging as well. I try to cross post by linking my Facebook status with a blog post, but Facebook isn't a good place for in-depth posts or discussions.

Wow! A book is a great idea and you definitely have compelling stories to tell. I look forward to reading your posts and hearing more about your book.

thinkrqp said...

I know you have at least on reader still active.

thinkrqp said...

You have at least one active reader! Go for it!

Ang said...

You left FB without telling me!!! I neeed you. I sent Todd a message on FB tonite asking him to pass along that I want to talk to you. But now I've found you so he's just gonna think I"m nuts. Anyway, please email me.

Andrea said...

That sounds interesting, I'd love to read your story.

Grace said...

I have just spent hours reading over your blog.
I would indeed read your book!

God bless :)

Grace said...

Please do continue blogging... I would like to read more :-)