Thursday, November 06, 2008

Character Analysis

My students often crack me up. So much so that I could never record it all here because most of it just wouldn't be that funny. And this stuff may not be all that funny either, but I haven't shared anything like this for a while and we had a really good time today.

Today's lesson was a study of character traits in preparation for a character analysis paper.

Me: Let's start by naming some character traits of someone everyone in the room knows. Me. What are some of my character traits and be prepared to provide evidence.

Student: You're outgoing.
Me: Ok. And what is your evidence of that?
Student: You're not afraid to stand out in a room.
Me: What do you mean by "stand out in a room?"
Student: Well, like...if everyone in the room ordered hamburgers, you'd say "I want a hotdog."

Here are a few others. Some of them are down right embarrassing and others are kind of sad when you think about it.

Trait: Creative
Evidence: You make all sorts of stuff like props for the plays and paintings.
Trait: Caring
Evidence: You actually teach us things then help us understand them.
Trait: Unfashionable
Evidence: You dress more uptight than Ms.This or Ms.That (this one hurt, but it did make me laugh....and I'm not entirely sure that one counts as a character trait...hmph!)
Trait: Humorous
Evidence: You say things that are actually funny.
Trait: Crazy
Evidence: You pray over dead markers. (don't ask)
Trait: Kindness
Evidence: You don't yell at us. (oh, but I do, I reminded them) But, when you yell at us it doesn't seem like yelling. (and why might that be?) Because we know that you still like us.

I do love being a teacher.

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ReRe said...

i love teachers who love being teachers!

Amanda said...

I have to say I think that's a wonderful assessment of you from your students :)

As for the fashionable issue... bah. I never was that fashionable as a teacher, well, at least I dressed in a fairly uptight fashion. Like I wanted to worry about bending down and exposing something front or rear to a room full of seventh-graders? Eeek!!! No thank you :)