Sunday, July 13, 2008


Scary. Scary. Scary.

Yes, it's happened. I've met someone who meets all my criteria for serious relationship. I mean, I have not had ONE even TINY moment when I've thought....weeeellll....oookkkaaaayyy...i can get past that one little thing. I don't have any of that "I can deal with that" sort of exception. It's pretty crazy.

At the end of an email I'd written to him detailing my marriage history (a necessary part of truly getting to know one another) I wrote this:

"From the first marriage I learned that being friends is absolutely the bedrock of marriage. If you don't value and honor that person as your very closest friend in all the're sorta sunk before you ever get started.

From the second I learned that even being best friends is not enough. There's some sort of wiring in your brain that clicks and connects with the wiring in the other person's brain that makes you desire them in ways that only being married can ultimately fulfill. There's got to be a physical connection as well as an emotional and intellectual one."

So, in the middle of Tdub's blog drama and Kurt's mom dying and Hayden being here for the week (had i mentioned that?)...I've had this super, outrageous, awesome, and incredibly scary beginning of a relationship thing going on. I'm fully aware of the fact that I could end up getting hurt. But, I'm not so sure that's the scariest part of the whole thing. I think the scariest part, for me, would be how puzzling it could be if things ultimately don't work out for us. Because, I'm not kidding, this guy is incredibly well-suited for my personality and temperament. And, that brain wiring click thing that makes you attractive to each other is there as well.

He lives in the OKC metroplex so the distance will help a great deal with the whole "diving in and screwing everything up by taking things way too fast" factor.

Yesterday, I took the boys to see "Get Smart" and as we were making our way to the correct theatre Drew said, "we're going to see a movie with mom's boyfriend in it" and Hayden immediately followed, "i KNOW, that's just what I was thinking! he's just like him."

So. There ya go.

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Iain said...

Hi, Grace,

That's terrific (even if scary!) news.

I think you took a bit of a battering over the T-dub blog drama, which wasn't (IMHO) entirely fair, as you were only being true to yourself, and expressing your feelings. I think the way you and T-dub stick up for each other is a true inspiration.

I sent you a private email of support, but don't know if the address is up to date.

Anyway, after weathering that storm, if anyone deserves to have something really great happen, it's you. So ... fingers crossed ... I can still remember those scary moments of first finding one's way in a relationship and not knowing where it will lead. Was even more scary in that the guy I was sharing the house with was also interested in the same girl, and didn't take it too well when we started going out! (However, he'd got over it by the time we got wed & read the lesson at the service: I Cor 13).

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best in this new relationship.

When are you bringing this new guy to your blog so we can interrogate him? ;)

Pomoprophet said...

you go girl! Isn't it nice and fun to have someone else to think about in that way!?!?!

kurt_t said...

When your kids start calling you "Agent 99," don't say I didn't warn you.

That's all I'm gonna say.

grace said...

I just realized that I KEEP spelling your name wrong and I still haven't updated it in my sidebar...sorry..I'll get on that! Again..thanks for your supportive email!

lol-integrate him.....that cracks me up. Not sure about that...I did let him approve this post before I published it. I'm that crazy about him. I wasn't about to start writing about him without his okay. So...I guess time will tell on the "integration" question. :)

Pomo: It is awesome...just awesome.

Kurt: I've been called worse. ;)

Iain said...

As regards the interrogation suggested by Jarred, you see we have to make sure he's good enough for you.

Might I suggest a live web chat forum so that we can all give him a grilling simultaneously? Along the lines of "now then, young man, what are your intentions towards our Grace, and are they honourable ones??"

(Iain ducks for cover!)

grace said...

Duh...I so misread Jarred's "interrogation" comment.'s even funnier to me.

Yes yes...there are plenty of folks who'd like a seat at THAT particular webchat or podcast or whatever it would take to set that up!

Curlz said...

Pam~ here's to hoping! (clink-clink):)