Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Blog by a 40 yr. old Friend of Mine

Do I not get a teensy weensy bit of revenge for not getting to plan and/or be around for Tdub's 40th birthday last month???


T-dub's Blog


(i'd say something about him being my blog baby...but then that could get all creepy cause then i'd be his "mom" and his "ex-wife" and then we'd have to make up one of those stories like the one about the dr. who couldn't treat the boy because "it's my son" and then everyone can't figure it out because the dr. was a woman. *yes, i've completely lost my mind* just go read tdub's new blog.)

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Anonymous said...

thanks, er, uhm, blog mommy (ew, that is kinda creepy....) for the launch!

why do i feel like i'm gonna regret ever doing this???

ok. i don't.


seriously--thanks for the encouragement to not only be true to myself but also be serious about my purpose.


Anonymous said...

And I'm off to read!

Curlz said...

Thanks for hookin' us up with t-dub Pam.

Things I'm pondering...How will this affect you? Do you know the details of his heart? Will you see something new in him? Will the journaling of his journey stir up old hurts?

Praying for you both, Curlz

grace said...

Well, I guess one never knows so thanks for the prayers. But honestly, just thinking about it.....I've seen already such a change in the way he "loves" me compared to how he "loved" me before. It's like it more "real" now...more authentic or something. And I'd rather have T-dub's real love than the thing he kept trying to fake before because he was so messed up over trying to keep me happy in ways he wasn't capable of doing. Does that make sense? I guess I'm just so relieved for him after having empathized with him so closely.

Curlz said...

You are beautiful, and I am amazed at the two of you...absolutely amazed. With tears in my eyes, please pray with me that my ex-husband and I can truly experience such amazing heartfelt love, compassion, understanding and grace for one another. What a gift and example of Christ that would be for our children.

grace said...

thank you curlz....i've already been praying about that with you!

for me....the biggest concept to get my mind around is submission...just keep submitting even when it's most difficult because that's the example that Christ set for us.

Curlz said...

Ooog! Submitting?! Please explain.


Robert said...

Tdub has a very nice look, especially for someone just starting out on the blogosphere. I look forward to peeking over there as well!

One of your many lurkers . . .