Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Turned Down

Ok, I've officially been turned down for one job. By letter. I'm not a fan of the rejection by letter process. It seems so impersonal, particularly after these lengthy interviews where you sort of bare your soul as to what you believe and practice every day as a teacher. This one was for a middle school position. I had a feeling, even as I was talking to them, that they might be sitting there thinking "how in the heck would this person who is so idealistic and positive be able to handle a cynical middle school child?" I also really bombed the discipline question in that one. For some reason, I drew a complete blank as to what I actually "do" as far as establishing routines and procedures and then following through with hopefully a school-wide plan. It was the first interviewer that's actually asked that question. Makes sense for middle school. Next time, I'll have to be more prepared for that one. As I recall, I rambled on about establishing a relationship of trust with the kids....blah blah blah. All important stuff, but probably not what they were looking to hear. Routines, procedures, and follow-up are pretty key to middle school discipline and I didn't use ONE of those words.

I've been busying myself making costumes for elementary kids for an undersea music program being put on next week at our elementary. I've done an angel fish, a hammerhead shark, and my last one (as far as I know at this point) will be a swordfish. Making costumes is one of my favorite things to do because it involves so much creative problem-solving. The word has gotten out in town that I do sewing projects and I'm making a bit of extra money here and there with this sort of thing. I'm doing some alterations on a prom dress for my next project. Scary. Alot of these girls drive to Dallas to get their dresses which means some of them (likely the one I'll be altering) cost more than my entire wardrobe for the year. They have this promenade thing outside the front of the school where the girls are escorted down a long walkway while everyone takes pictures. Very small town and old school.

Please keep praying that I'll find a job in the City soon. All this applying/interviewing/waiting is not only expensive, it's emotionally draining.

love and grace,
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the refusal. Though it sounds like you might be taking it in stride, which is good.

I hope you'll post pictures of the costumes when they're done.