Friday, May 23, 2008

Staying Put

I've made a major decision based on some doors being opened that I believe are the right opportunities for me.

There's a Master's Degree program being offered to a class of 20 candidates from a few counties surrounding the one where I live.'s FREE! I talked to my principal and he assured me that I can get into the program. This means a two-year commitment to stay put so that I can finish the program.

So....I'm staying. Stinky smell and all. I'm moving over to 6th grade to teach reading which will be a nice change since 6th grade is fully departmentalized. This means only one plan a day with modifications depending on each class. A nice perk for me since I'm sure to have tons of reading and writing to do for my own classes.

I have some other things in the works to live more economically. A fellow teacher and I (she's young and single...this past year was her 1st year to teach), are going to find a house and split expenses. I've also been building my little sewing business as the word continues to get out in this little town that I do that sort of thing.

I do appreciate all the prayers. Be assured that they've been answered and I'm at peace with the decision to stay here. It's actually quite exciting to have the opportunity to get the Master's Degree free of charge. What a blessing!

I've got some other things stewing around in my head to write about, and with the long summer days ahead I'm sure I'll crank out a few things to ponder soon.

love and grace,

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Pomoprophet said...

Wow! Thats some big decisions! A FREE masters degree? Holy smokes! Whats it in? I'm just finishing my ONE year of teaching full time and classes at night. And let me just tell you i've never been this burnt out before! But its free. Congrats on an exciting new season in your life!

grace said...

Hey Pomo! So good to hear from you! I've been reading you but so swamped lately I haven't taken time to respond...but...I'm always keeping up with you. ;)

The masters is in reading...which...was not my first pick of master's's FREE. And, I've been doing some research and there are actually more options with that master's than I originally thought.

I think teaching departmentalized reading will help tremendously in my workload since when I teach self-contained (like this past year) I go pretty wild with planning and making all the subject integrate. This will be MUCH simpler.

Thanks again for checking in!
love ya muchly!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for staying put to get into a Masters Program for free. As long as you can do something about your financial situation (and it sounds like you're making strong progress in that realm), I think it's a smart move.

David said...

Glad you've found a place to be and what to do. The master's degree will certainly be a plus, though as pomo said I am sure it will offer you with even more to put on your plate. At least that plate is cleared now of having to decide where you will be in the next year. Good to hear good news from you, as always. :)

David Roberts said...

Well, what a fascinating twist in your story! All things considered, it sounds like a great thing to do at this point in your life. A challenge to improve yourself, make more money later - and it's free, lol. That sounds like an open door and a welcome mat to boot :)