Thursday, August 02, 2007

Boys Reunited

Probably the BIGGEST concern, and rightly so, that anyone who's become even slightly interested in my story has had, has been about the boys. I've never p0sted pictures of either of Tdub's two, but now I have permission from Tdub AND #3, Hayden, who is visiting me in Oklahoma this week.

Hayden and Drew have been, as they are, like two long-lost and reunited brothers. I've had so much fun listening to them, watching them, and carting
them around just like old times. Here are some pics. Hayden is the redhead.

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Jarred said...

It looks like they had loads of fun. That's always a plus.

Robert said...

MAN that looks like fun! I hope TDub and the boys are reconciling after what has been a tough time for all. I certainly am glad that you are helping the bros get some face time together!