Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Whippin'

Get ready for the "whippin" of pictures I'm going to provide of this new baby girl.
I had fun fun fun picking out a sparkly pink collar....I'm
pretty sure it won't be her only accessory before all is said and done.

She and Sparky are sparring here over her first little toy....a giraffe.

Emma, Sparky, and our cat, Puma after a tough day of doing nothing but being cared for by Yours Truly.

Just one more....for now... *wink*

Thanks muchly to Norm!, Christine, and Regan for the thoughtful Happy Mother's Day wishes. Two of the boys were out of town today, so we'll have dinner together...just night next week. It's all good. I am blessed and certainly favored of God to be the mother of four such beautiful and very unique individuals.

love and grace,

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Anonymous said...

Oh! My goodness they're darling!

~Deb said...

How adorable!!! Great photos!

grace said...

Thanks anon and deb! And thanks for stopping by!


PW said...

Too cute.

Now speaking of odd items, accessories for dogs has to be high on that list.

And you are gushing about the puppy. But that's okay, she's adorable.

grace said...

I just noticed where you'd "taken up for me" a bit over at another spot. I had checked in this morning to see if any more support for his line of thinking had been "rallied"....guess not at this point. But thanks for jumpin' in there and taking a stab at it. ;) It just goes to show, you're darned if you do, darned if you don't in some cases.