Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Wedding Planner

One of the things Tdub and I often did at church was coordinate and decorate weddings. Even though event planning and execution of any kind tends to be stressful, it was just something we're both cut out to do.

This past weekend I executed my first wedding sans Tdub. Thankfully, the bride appreciated simplicity and allowed me the freedom to do whatever I deemed necessary to create the atmosphere she'd described to me in our initial meeting.

And now, some good news in the midst of all the gut-punching that's gone on lately: the wedding was beautiful; the bride was thrilled with everything; (this is really the bottom-line of successful wedding-planning for me...just keep that bride happy) and I proved to myself that I can coordinate a wedding successfully without Tdub.

During the 9 months since the demise of the marriage, I've managed to pull off almost every major activity alone that Tdub and I did together. It's been difficult at times, but I'm thankful it's worked out this way. For me, the "doing" of the things we did together, and achieving success with them, is not only reassuring but healing. I can't say that I've looked forward to doing any of them, and yet I'm grateful for having forged ahead in spite of an inner desire to sink back.

Here are some shots of the wedding decor' and one of me with Drew and Daniel (who was an usher).

love and grace,
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Bill said...

Looks like you did an excellent job! You might want to take this show on the road.

David said...

Hey Pam,

I'm glad the wedding went well! It seems like you much needed the affirmation. God bless, and keep us informed.

grace said...

Thanks Bill! It's so good to hear from you. I still read your blog as well. :) Hopefully, with summer coming, I'll have more time to really catch up with everyone. Thanks for reminding me that you are still there, it's very encouraging to me.

David: Hey! How was your flight? How are things going? Would it be alright for me to write a post about you? :)

David said...

Flight went well. Things are crazy: there's so much to learn to be able to DO anything! And of course it would be alright for you to post about me.