Wednesday, May 09, 2007



Daniel and Drew took me to pick her out as a Mother's Day gift. She's so precious. Sparky is enjoying his baby sister....despite this "look" I caught a few hours after arriving home with her.

I wasn't aware of how much Sparky's grown.
Goodness! He looks like such a big fella' now
compared to baby Emma.

Christine posed a great question in the comments....wondering what Drew's reaction will be when Emma gets her surgery. We shall see. :)

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Christine Bakke said...

squeeeee! She is so cute, and I love the name! Welcome to the blogosphere, little one! (oh, and hi Pam) ;)

Brady said...

So cute, Pam! Jack and I just got a new puppy last month ourselves. Who knew puppies were so much work?!?

David said...


Thanks for dropping by and giving such an encouraging comment. I have shadowed your blog a bit, and always feel too inadequate to post anything. So just accept my thanks.

And that is an adorable dachshund. They both are, really. And you're in Granbury? That is a tad surprising, as my hometown is Fort Worth. So I know exactly where that is. :)

grace said...

Christine: Hey girl!

Brady: What did you get?? I'm just nuts for dachshunds now. It was an unexpected love affair. I'm even considering letting Emma have a litter of pups eventually. We'll see.

David: Oh my! We must meet! How would you feel about driving down to Granbury for a home cooked meal? Email me.

love and grace,

Norm! said...

She is sooo cute! Happy Mother's Day.

Christine said...

I was so tempted to swing on over to Granbury when I drove from Dallas to Austin-ish last time :) But it's a long detour. Your home cooking, smile, kids, Sparky, etc would be worth it though, I'm sure!

Christine Bakke said...

Happy Mother's Day, Pam!