Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another Dachshund

I'm thinking very seriously about getting a "brother" for Sparky. I seriously that Drew and I are going to look at a potential "brother" for him after school tomorrow. We are so crazy nuts for this dog, and from everything I've read it's good for them to be in pairs for companionship because of their social demeanor. Well, as long as you get them "fixed", that is. Which, we all know, I'm a fan of the "fixing" surgery for my doggies. ;)

Only THREE more weeks of school!!! Woo hoo! I'm going to seriously miss my students. I believe that teaching 7th graders has been the perfect profession for me this year. I mean, seriously, how could I possibly get dragged down by my own "angst" when I'm surrounded all day long by 7th graders. If angst was a football game, 7th grade would be the Super Bowl. If angst were a painting, 7th grade would be the Lourve. If angst was a walk in the park, 7th grade would be Disney World. They have it perfected. And they've provided me with a worthwhile and many times humorous diversion to my own angst this year.

If we come home with a brother for Sparky tomorrow, I'll post some pictures!

love and grace,

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April said...

Hi Pam -- I stumbled across your blog via a search for "dachshund". I think you'll enjoy our website.

Also, if you haven't gotten that new puppy yet, you might check She is an *excellent* breeder. I have 3 of her dogs. One of my staff members has 3 and another member has 1.

Enjoy your wiener(s)!

~April @ Dachshund Delights

grace said...

Thanks April! I will check that out for sure.


Anonymous said...

Breeders are evil

Christine Bakke said...

I'm assuming the above refers to actual dog breeders and not the ugly term for the heterosexuals in my life...

Some breeders have problems and are only in it for the money, but others (a dear friend included) carefully and lovingly socialize, raise and breed their dogs.

That said, I still would always look for a shelter animal first...but it's sometimes hard getting purebreds, especially purebred puppies.

So I'm curious....does Sparky have a brother yet?

grace said...

Hey Christine!

NO...he has a SISTER!!!!!

I'm going to post pictures tonight....
she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Daniel, Drew and I all went yesterday....she's my Mother's Day gift..and we were all drawn to her....I'll share the rest of the details for the post.

Anonymous: have you had a bad experience with breeders....would you care to elaborate??

Christine Bakke said...

So....even though you came home with a sister, and not a brother, we still get pictures, right?

I'm wondering if Drew will feel differently about little sister's surgery when her time comes.... sex? location?

Oh, I guess we already have the last two.