Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Thrill of Competition

I never consider myself to be a competitive person. However, something has happened today which has awakened the sleeping dog of competition within my soul. I'm pumped.

A friend has called on me for help with her first-grader's science fair project. I can't tell you how stoked I am about this. We must win. That's all there is to it. ;)

I am a master, I mean MASTER, at consulting on science fair projects for the very young. My own boys ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS, took first (one second in all those years) place in Science Fair through 2nd grade. When it turns into questions deeper than "which soda is the fizziest?" or concepts such as "learning fractions using M&M's"......uh........well......I'm out.

I'll post a picture of his board when we're finished. I'm off to assist as of right now. Notice, I said HIS board. This little fellow I'm helping will do all the work and he will learn. But, with my expertise and guidance, his presentation will STUN the judges into immediately awarding him a first place ribbon! haha!!

I may be eating a little "crow" after this post!

We'll see.


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Anonymous said...

Pam, I was so happy to read your blog on science fair projects because coaching a child thru the process is so much more important than the project itself. And what a gift for a student to learn how to believe in his/her abilities.

I have a science site, Super Science Fair Projects, and would love to work with you. Would you like to write an article for the site, or find a way to have a platform for your coaching, or both? If so please contact me at

Thanks, Madeline Binder