Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day

School was cancelled today. :)

This is my little fenced backyard this morning. It may not look like much to those of you who live in the North, but it's quite an event here in Texas. In fact, it's only the 2nd time that Drew (12) has seen the ground covered in snow. He spent the night at his dad's last night but called me at 7:00 a.m. insisting that I get up and look outside so that he could hear my reaction.
I answered the phone.

Me: (sleepily) Hey Drew, there's no school today.
Drew: (excitedly) I know Mom! Look outside!
Me: I will honey. I'll get up in a bit.
Drew: No up and look out, right now!
Me: (groaning and reluctantly dragging myself from the warmth of my bed) Oooooh...o. k.
Drew: (still excited) Do you see it? Have you seen it? Isn't is cool??

It's a major event here. Drew is an extremely visual child and was greatly impressed with the sheer beauty of it. And it is beautiful. Particularly so when I count the blessings of a warm home and a day to stay home, sleep in, drink coffee, and putter around in solitude.

Here's the Sparkster in the little coat we got him for Christmas.
He's such a sweet little dog.
It's been a good day.
love and grace,


jreggio said...
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James Reggio said...

I love it when this happens!

The university has cancelled classes for two days in a row, which has provided some much-needed time to reflect and prepare for the coming semester.

I hope that you enjoy and stay safe on the roads. Texans are really bad at driving on ice.

grace said...

Hey James! I seem to recall you are at UT??? Did you catch that triple overtime game last night with my alma mater??? ;) It was AWESOME! I'm not a huge sports fan but love to see OSU playing anything...and WINNING!

thanks for commenting!

kurt_t said...

It snowed in Houston once when I lived there, but it didn't stick to the ground. I keep thinking we're going to get snow around here in the Bay Area. Well, apparently we did get a little bit of a dusting in a few places.

Great dog picture! The camera just LOVES that little guy!

Norm! said...

Even though we live in different parts of the country, it's nice that we are experiencing similar snow days. Yesterday was the northwest's major snow day. It was beautiful, but today it's turning slushy and dirty.

I love Sparkster's coat.

Jessica said...

Cute coat for the Sparkster.

Dogs in Taiwan wear jackets and sweaters anytime it dips below 70 degrees, it seems. :D

I grew up in New Hampshire, and I always miss the snow. When I went to school in Texas we had a few wonderful snow days...I didn't use them to sleep in, but went out and PLAYED!

Thanks for the pictures. We don't see any snow in Taiwan. :(

Inheritor of Heaven said...

That is just about the amount of snow we got here a few days ago. Definitely not enough to close school where I teach...but enough to make the commute unfun.

grace said...

Kurt: I love the pictures you post as fun. You guys are such State Park officianandos (sp??). goal is to get a really good one of Sparky running with his little ears flapping the way they do.

Norm!: There is something so peaceful and serene about fresh snow.

Jessica: I admire you SO MUCH for what you guys are doing. I know that's not why you do it....but still.

Inheritor: I'm horrible at driving in this stuff. I've got to stock up on Diet Pepsi today in case it comes back tomorrow like it says it will. We are starting 2 hours late today. LOVE that! Don't have to make up the day, but still have the luxury of sleeping in a bit.

love and grace to all of you!
be safe!

Jay said...

Hey Pam! Well, I'm happy for you guys. I mean, I did enjoy being able to go to the beach on MLK Day, but for the past two days we've had this persistent, ugly rain here. I'd love for it to be cold enough to snow.

God Bless!

Jessica said...

Oh yeah...and I forgot to mention that I actually got a SUNBURN on Tuesday when we went hiking. What a contrast to all of our friends that are buried under ice and snow.

Thanks for your're right, it isn't why we're doing it...but it is nice to hear once in a while. More than anything, your prayers are appreciated!

Brady said...

Grace- here in Houston we just go slushy ice. What fun is the cold without snow? People from the north must thanks we are really ridiculous down here when a little rain and 32 degree weather shuts down the city....

Timothy Kincaid said...

I love snow.... as long as it stays on the ski slopes :)

The other day Malibu got snow. That's just freaky!!

mary said...

Snow!! I love the jacket Sparkster is wearing.

Robert said...

On a cute scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the cutest, Sparky scores an 11.

My grandfather, who was from Texas, used to say that Texas was the only place you could stand knee-deep in mud and get sand in your eye. The corollary was that if you were in Texas and did not like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it would change.

Out here in SoCal we are also freezing. However, no snow except for the mountain areas. Have fun building the snowmen!