Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blog Renovation

Mostly done. Whatcha' think?

I'd like to add more of you to My Blogging Friends list, but these are the folks I felt okay about adding without specifically asking permission. If you're on the list and would rather not be, just let me know and I'll take care of it, no problem. :)

Going through the archives to rebuild my "Popular Posts" links was a positive experience. I smiled many times and only briefly shed a few tears of sadness over things of the past. That's good news, since it could have gone poorly. I'm hopting this speaks to my decent emotional health. Please say it does or I'm likely to have a complete meltdown!!! haha!!!

The most tearful place of reminiscing for me came as I began to read your comments and general outpouring of love and concern that occurred during the initial phase of my tragedy. I was bowled over by that. It was all such a blur at the time. It's good to look back with more clarity and see a piece of the reason I'm doing so well right now. Between my parents, my friends, my church family, and this blogging community, I have every reason to remain thankful and I can reason beyond doubt that I am an extremely blessed individual. There is no place for self-pity in this story.

On we go.....come what may.

love and grace,

p.s. does anyone else who uses blogger wonder why in the heck the blogger spell checker doesn't recognize the words blog, blogger, or blogging? Craziness.

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FeatherIron said...

Yea, kinda Ironic that it doesn't "know" that word.

Thanks for the link love.

Like the new lay out, snazzy!

Blog on sister friend!

Bill said...

This looks fabulous! It is truly an honor to be included in your list of blogging friends. Having spent some time readiing through your blog, it is obvious that you are dearly loved by many. It is obvious, also, that you are passionately in love with the Lord.


Peterson Toscano said...

ah, you remind/convict me that I need to update my links on my blog. Thanks a lot. No it is time. I visit so many blogs that I do not mention in my links.

Is one required to get someone's permission to put on a link????

grace said...

Thanks sister Carole!

Bill: Even though you are one of my most recently made blogging friends, because of our shared faith it certainly does feel like I've known you always.

Peterson: *ahem* I wasn't intending to remind you of that...and of course you know you don't need MY permission...I didn't ask for yours, did I? *wink*

Anonymous said...

Talking of spell checker craziness - MS Word suggests synonyms that the spell checker doesn't recognise!

I feel honoured to be added to your list of blogging friends after such a short time blogging/commenting.

I like the updated template - very elegant. And still clearly Willful Grace.

Angie said...

Hey, either Whitley-Ferguson is new or new to me. Sounds great!

And if I'm gonna be on anybody's *list* I'm glad it's this one! Thanks for including me!

I would vote that you're in decent emotional health. If you didn't shed *any* tears I'd be worried though... Then I'd vote that you are dead inside!

Thankfully, His Spirit is stronger than any sadness or weakness that our spirits battle. Surrendering to Him is easier said than done sometimes, and you inspire me to do it more...

I sure do love you, girl!

grace said...

Joe: thanks for your vote of confidence. I do appreciate your don't seem to hold much back as you, like me, (and i'm sure you can appreicate this) "stumble toward faithfulness". My friend Em coined that phrase for me and I've always loved it.

Angie: Whitley-Ferguson is the new legal name...which will be official in about 60 days. I am retaining the names of all four of my boys with that hyphenated monstrosity of a name. Oh well. It's not about me. It's just a name. And I want to identify and be connected to all 4 of them first and foremost at this point.

I continue to attempt to see my story in relation to Biblical story....and realize over and over again....that HE really is in control. I must hand it back to Himn every day and understand that the big picture is way bigger than anything I am able to comprehend at this point. It's all about trust. I mostly still suck at it, though! haha!

love you too!!! so much!


Inheritor of Heaven said...

Nicely done, I am way too chicken to try revamping my whole blog. I still haven't tried making a a new category in the bloglinks section yet. I am debating upon switching to the new version of blogger. Is that what you did here?

I just noticed the "Inheritor(not Interior)" over there to the worries :)

grace said...

Inheritor: Once you get the hang of it...and actually find the spot where you do that in the template, it's not so bad. I found the link I needed first and gathered them into a word file so that I could just copy and paste them as needed. I didn't switch to that Beta thing because I didn't want to spend the time figuring out how to get it all transferred over. I was afraid of messing up and losing everything. I did open another blog called a "test blog" which will help me learn how to manipulate things in this template if I want. We'll see. I'm bad about not taking the time to do that sort of thing.

Let me know if you switch to the new version....I'd like to hear how that works.

love and grace,

kurt_t said...

Oh wow! I'm on Pam's friends list. I feel so honored!

In fact, I think I'll enable commenting again. I have a feeling you're going to have something to say about my upcoming photo essay on the Blue Bell ice cream plant in Brenham.

Jay said...

Hey Pam! I like the new template, and thanks for the link! Yeah, I have kind of wondered when "Blog" will find its way into the English lexicon.

grace said...

Kurt: Well DUH! Of course you are!! :) I love reading your are hilarious and all the pictures are great. I with I could comment, though. I'm sure there's method to your madness in taht design, though. ;)

Jay: Thanks! I like yours as well...couldn't remember if I'd told you so in your comments. You brighten my day, did you know that?

love to you both!

grace said...

Kurt....No..i've not suddenly developed a lithp. I actually wiSH I could comment on your blog...not what I said.

Robert said...

Hey Pam!

Your virtual home here has a really nice new look to it. But then again, so did your old place!

You have been through quite a year, and I trust that things will continue to get better for you as time marches on.


grace said...

Thanks Robert! When are you getting a blog that I can link to???? ;)

I do consider you a have been here almost since the beginning and I value your steadfast encouragement. You have certainly been a blessing to me.

love and grace,

Robert said...

LOL!! I might do a blog, but it would probably put all of the readership to sleep! I could call it "This Sominex Life."

Thanks for your thoughts and words too . . . and for just being you!!