Monday, November 20, 2006

Blast from the Past

I am fortunate enough to have the ENTIRE week off for Thanksgiving break. So awesome.
This morning, while flipping through the channels I landed on a classic episode of "All in the Family" titled "The Little Atheist". The show was popular during my grade school and junior high years. I don't think I've seen an episode since that time. It totally cracked me up.

The most profound line came at the end of this particular episode, reminding me quite eerily of the "tactics" of the ultra-conservative right-wing, God-is-a-Republican element so active in our society today. Archie was in a heated Thanksgiving Day argument with his son-in-law Meathead(Mike) over their soon-to-be-born son/grandson. Archie was insisting the child be raised as a Christian (he's such a fine sample himself), and Meathead insists that the child be given the freedom to choose his own religion. Archie eventually slips aside with Edith and utters this profound bit of logic....

"We're going to raise that grandson of ours to be a Christian if we have to break every commandment to do it!"


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TCS said...

I remember that one!

Anonymous said...

I forgot that episode. Didn't Archie covertly baptise his grandbaby too?

Aren't grandparents great. My hippy-ish, mixed-race parents were weary about how my conservative Christian grandparents indoctrinated me into the faith. God bless my grandma, but she has many Edith Bunker qualities and my grandfather was definitely a raging loudmouth. However, I really do believe they were, in their own ultra-conservative right-wing way, sharing their faith with me.

Anonymous said...

The first five series of AITF are out on DVD in the US.

I'm about to spend the whole of Christmas on Walton mountain - series 1 to 3 are available on DVD in the UK. I bet it won't be the same as I remember it. John Boy will probably have progressive streak I didn't pick up on as a kid. :)

grace said...

TCS: Wow! So good to hear from you! I need to catch up on your blog as well. Thanks for coming by.

norm!: Yes, I was reading about following episodes on that website and Archie does covertly baptize the baby. Such a ruch commentary on life and religion...I'm going to try and catch it more often. Most of it's "depth" flew right past me as a child.

Joe: I never missed Walton's Mountain as a child...that would be another good one to few again from an adult perspective. I do remember having a huge crush on the little brother, Ben.

grace said...

No wait...I take that waws Jim-Bob I had the crush on!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

It's funny that you mention that episode as well as the baptism one because I was just joking around with my principal about those the other day. I teach at a Lutheran school and the church believes in infant baptism. My principal keeps telling me I better not leave my kids alone with him for too long or he'll run them over to the church for a 'sprinkle.' You know, just to ensure their salvation. Ha!

grace said...

Jenny: That really is funny. Reminds me just a bit of our tradition in some ways, dont'cha think? For instance, not long after my oldest son was baptized...he reasoned with me that I should now allow him to get a motorcycle...because...well..ya know, he was "covered". *geez* I thought my Assembly of God roots had raised him to know better than THAT!!! hahaha!!

Jay said...

I loved All in the Family so much. Thank the Lord for "Nick @ Nite" so I could get a chance to see it. Edith was always my favorite character. She was such a loving, strong woman, and a good example of what a Christian should be. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Pam,