Wednesday, November 01, 2006


i just finished writing my newest was ALL WRITTEN. And I clicked on something or did something....and it's GONE!!!!

wah wah wah!!!!!

back to the drawing board!!!


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Peterson Toscano said...

What blogger messed up? Really is that possible???

I HATE when that happens!

Hey sitting next to me right now is Christine. Yep she is here in CT for a few days. She says to say hi. "Hi!".

kurt_t said...

Oh, can I identify with that!

grace said...

oh Peterson...i love you for blaming it on Blogger....STUID blogger! hehe!

kurt...i have little sympathy for someone who is able to BOLD AND ITALIC a word in a comment...i tried that once and ended up with all my stupid code marks showing up on the comments....

Jay said...

I've been there. Back in high school I accidentally deleted over 80 pages of my first novel. Granted, I was probably a little more upset about that than you are about this, but losing a blog post can suck too.

But hey, maybe it was a little divine intervention. Post Version 2.0 could be better than the first ;-)

grace said...

yeah jay...i had that same thought...maybe it was something i needed to "stew" on a little longer...

good to hear from you!


Angie said...

That ranks really high on my frustration meter!

But what can you do?

Besides I'm sure you'll come back even better than before!

Love to you, my friend!

Jim said...

Time to switch to, methinks. You won't lose posts over there (i.e. you have the ability to save drafts). :)