Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Boys

I haven't written or updated on the boys in a while. So, lest this become a truly ex-gay blog (i've accepted that categorization, by the way) I'll update on them today.

#1 got a REAL job (thanks in no small part I'm SURE to the haircut) and is now on a mundane 8 to 5 schedule every day of the week. This answered my prayers exactly for structured time. He goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays and works the other 3 days. This job is perfect. Today, his assignment was to pull 1000 little chips off of circuit boards. This place refurbishes old electronic parts. His task today involves dipping in hot stuff, pulling off exactly the right element, then quick drying the board so that the rest of the stuff stays put. Sounds like something dolphins or any other highly developed mammal could do if you gave them the right tools. But he's doing it. And I'm happy. :)

#2 is great. (in my opinion...that's for Tdub) He's matured a great deal during his freshman year of high school to the point that I think he's pulled completely out of the "possession" that is the middle school years. He's working harder to be a leader on his basketball team and while he's not blowing the top off of anything academically, he's making A's and B's. Well...except for one bad 6 weeks in biology but we had the "come to Jesus" meeting at school with all his teachers and he seems to be on top of that situation at present. We don't have to argue or plead with him about attending church or youth group and he appears to have a good identity as far as his place amongst his peers. We both wish/hope/pray that he will grow a few(several) inches within the next year...but...what can we really do about that?

#3 is the easiest child. If #4 were Felix (from the Odd Couple) #3 would be Oscar. Sure, you have to remind him to wipe the ketchup off his face (how does he not FEEL that???) but hey...at least he eats what you put in front of him. I mean, yeah...it's nice to know that there are actually different shades of green when you are getting dressed in the morning, but in the grand scheme of things, does this really matter? (no, Tdub...it really doesn't!) #3, as we speak, is moving headlong into the "possession" that is the middle school years. But, for him, it will be a bit different. He's a much more physical/literal sort of person. Don't get me wrong, the middle school years are pure hell. But I think they may be a bit different sort of hell with this one than what we've experienced in the past. That said, he has the biggest heart of the 4 and is FUN FUN FUN to watch on the basketball court. He has the best self-esteem of all of them...which could be the reason he's the easiest.

#4 is the high-maintenance manipulator of the group. He's also the only one who's shown any interest in achieving higher grades. In fact, I walked into the bathroom last night as he was bathing and he actually had these little cards about the planets with him in the bath, studying for a science test. He also achieves at sports, but, what makes him a valuable and sought after player is the fact that he is so "aware" of what's going on. He not only always makes excellent passes but he knows exactly where the ball needs to be at all times. He's the "smart" player on the team.

We currently spend every Saturday traveling from one basketball game to the next and still not making it to every one. Tdub helps coach #3's regular team and is WAY more into all of it than me. I personally, can't wait for it all to be DONE, even though I do enjoy watching them play.

And that's all I got.


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tdubtx said...

what a beautiful, honest, and LMAO characterization of our little ducklings. babe, you had me rolling!

our kiddos are beautiful and unique (just like everyone else's i'm sure). we enjoy them together and yet are coming to the stage of our life where we look forward to time shared between just the two of us (like our escape to our dear friends "Fred and Ethel" Friday night. between the 4 of us, we drank every drop of wine they had! ok well, we left the cooking wine. LOL)

(i'll be honest and admit i will miss the basketball but HEY that's what grandkids are for!)

i'm sure others of you are wondering why i don't post to some of grace's more...meaningful...posts. i do have thots to many of these (particularly that reparative therapy one...i just don't share them all in the blogosphere i guess. maybe one of these days i'll co-blog or just blog on my own site. [except i'll be at the shallower end of the blog-pool...]

but i must say frankly that grace is truly the kind of woman and mother about whom these boys--whom she so cleverly writes about and loves so deeply and wisely--will quote Proverbs 31 in reference to.

we're all so blessed.

now seriously hon: we gotta do something about #3 and what he's wearing today. oh and what's for dinner? [smiles]

grace said...

Tdub...I'll go in reverse order...

1. Does it really matter "what's" for dinner?
2. He looks fine, get over it.
3. We ARE blessed...and as far as Proverbs 31 goes...I can only hope.
4. You might consider testing out some of your "mid to shallow" thoughts more often by commenting and sharing those thoughts you have about my blogs.....I mean...after all...you're the "reason for the season" as far as this stuff goes for me!!! :)
5. You have the capability to "co-blog" here at any time....come on...get with it!!
6. I think surely "fred and ethel" had more than cooking wine left....didn't they?????
7. I like making you laugh. It's part of our original attraction to one another, yes??

love you,

Jim said...

I'm glad you stopped by, grace, and that you continue to enjoy reading. I just write about whatever I happen to be thinking about and don't ever really feel like the quality is more than average. So, I'm humbled and honored when I have repeat visitors. :)

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Okay, grace, your comments on GKB's blog have been cracking me up lately!
Enjoyed hearing about your boys. I always like the stories about them. I have two young ones myself so you give me a glimpse of our future.


grace said...

Thank you SO SO much for commenting! You probably don't realize this but you are the ONLY female who has ever commented on my blog and the only CoC person who's taken the time to comment more than once. Sometimes I feel like maybe I have "cooties" or something because of the specialized nature of my blog. But really...I'm only about attempting to be authentic with my life in Christ. I very MUCH appreciate your willingness to interact with me. I can't help but think we probably have mutual friends since you are of ACU stock (I presume???). Maybe someday we can take the time to figure that out....but even if we don't...thanks for coming by and putting in a word now and then. It does mean alot to me!